Slumber Party! App Reviews

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Don't like it.😫

It only has two things to make, and dose not fell like slumber party.


This game is great! But needs improvement.

Not interesting

It does not have a lot of varieties.It only has 2 varieties.Ice cream sundae and brownies.Not impressed 😕

Yo mama

Boo I hate it I don't play with my food games 😞


It' OK but you can only make two things😕


This app is retarted if you could put zero stars I would and why would you put the name as slumber party I'm like all it does is cook and fake eat you should make it a cooking app when it is literally called a cooking game name bye whoever made this app is an ediot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😛 And that sticking out tonge face is in a mean way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It stinks

There is only two things to make and it is not even a slumber party!

It's cool

It's so fun

Love it

I love it sssssssssssssssssssssssssso much!!!!!!

So fun!!

Except it doesn't feel like a sleepover

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